equipping urban pathfinders

“Produce the best possible jacket - not just being among the best. Not the best for a specific price. The best jacket, period!”

We, the Muntagnard team, have all grown up in the beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps with a natural flair for the outdoors and nature but moved to work in the urban environment, with a background in sustainability and strategy consulting as well as apparel and product design. Having dealt in more detail with the textile industry, we kept being astonished by the enormous ecological and social impact it has - but were not really overwhelmed nor convinced by the current innovation approaches towards sustainability that is so much needed. This is why we set out to rethink the materials, dyes and processes ourselves and to work out and transparently disclose the supply chain for you, the urban pathfinder who walks the talk.

So why did we not start with an easier apparel product? Because finding solutions to the big challenges is what drives us and we believe transformational changes are drastically required. Thus, we are currently working day and night on our hero product: an innovative, fully circular jacket.

Muntagnard. Innovative, circular and elemental.

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